Sunday, February 17, 2013


I like valentines day. Not because I like getting roses and stereotypical grand gestures but because of the sentiment of telling people you love and care about that you love and care about them.

I didn't do anything creative with cards this year but I did do a little sewing. I mostly used Soule Mama's Gratitude Wrap (scroll down the page until you get to the sew section of the tutorials). I sewed in snaps rather than doing a tie closure. I also used binding like a quilt rather than double fold bias tape and last but not least I added a pocket for a pen on some of them. Doing it again I probably wouldn't have measured the pockets so precisely, it took up more time than it was least in my opinion.

All in all I made five and sent off four of them. All of the insides were a little different and I sent them with some cards, a pen, a few stamps and a little notebook.
I have used mine already and think that at some point it will probably live in my car or purse for when N is older and I have free time to write while waiting for her at swim class or soccer or whatever she has an interest in doing.

I managed to use all scrap and/or stash fabric for these. Fat quarters work really well for the exterior and interior for that matter. I have been trying to buy less fabric and work with more of what I have. So far it seems to be working, I also realized just how much fabric I do have! Perhaps a little bit less now though.

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  1. Again, I benefit from your craftiness. I really like my little tote and have already used it. Elliot is also fond of opening, closing, and unpacking it all. :)