Sunday, February 24, 2013


Time seems to be running away. I have been working on plenty of crafty things, however getting around to posting them doesn't seem to make it high on the priority list and then I blink and a week has already gone by.

Some friends of our had a birthday party for their recently turned 3 year old. Last year I made him a dino tale and a couple of books about tails. Luckily they are they type of friends who appreciate handmade gifts.
I had about a week to whip something up which sounds like a lot of time until you take into account the toddler running around the house. So I pulled up Pinterest and looked at my boards. I ran back across the Car Caddy Tutorial by homemade by jill and decided to take a look in the sewing closet. Low and behold I had basically everything for this project already which in my mind was a good sign. I didn't use a heavy fabric for the liner fabric (red in my case), it's just a cotton. I also ended up using flannel for the road (gray) and next time I would probably try to find felt to use for it. But the pockets and numbers came out great. I had never used freezer paper stencils before and they are totally as easy as everyone says that they are. You should do them if you have, like right now. I did use piping all the way around the project and I like how it gives it a nice finished look, but if you haven't used pipping before this might not but the project where you want to learn, it gets thick in some spots and Jill's directions aren't super clear about using it. Lastly, I used two straps to close it when it is folded up. I didn't like the idea of a strap going right across the car applique.

N loved playing with it before it got wrapped up which I think is a good sign. Plus, really can little kids ever have too many cars to play with?

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