Saturday, April 14, 2012

Throwing it out there

The first entry in the blog world is kind of like starting a new journal, feels very permanent, defining and important. Of course in reality it isn't, it will eventually get passed over, or in this case scrolled down.

I've been inspired in the last year by so many wonderful blogs. Mostly women, but men as well, who are creating lovely, thoughtful, items while at the same time writing about the intersections of their lives with the handmade. It's lofty of me to think that sending my own little writing out into the big internet cosmos will have the same impact on someone else that other blogs have on me - but that's the whole point isn't it?

Throw your 
dreams into space
like a kite,
and you do not
know what it
will bring back,
a new life,
a new friend,
a new love,
a new country.
-Anais Nin

So here I am, throwing. Throwing out what inspires me, moves me. Throwing out what I make and do. Hoping that it might inspire and move you.

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