Sunday, April 15, 2012


N is turning one in a little less than two months. It's crazy and surreal for C and I; but for her, honestly, it's just another day. One year old's don't really get birthday's. I've made her a few summer dresses, but I wanted to try something big for her birthday, something that she will have when she's eleven, or twenty-one, or thirty-one.

I managed to eek together six fat quarters of Heather Ross's discontinued Mendocino fabric while I was still pregnant. I knew that if I didn't have a girl I would find some other wonderful use for them but when N was born I knew that some day she would have a lovely quilt. It seems like her first birthday is a good reason.

I love this fabric in so many ways. How it's girly without bright pink but uses orange, blush and brown. I adore that there are seahorses; seahorses are such a peculiar and intricate creature. But one of the biggest things about Heather Ross's fabric's is that in a lot of ways it's timeless. Norah will love it as a little girl, there are mermaids, most little girls I've met like mermaids. I love it as an adult because it's cute without having cartoons or primary colors.

Two months to go, looks like I need to start cutting.


  1. I love these colors! And I think you're right, it will be appropriate and bright for a young N and great for her as she gets older. What a lovely 1st birthday gift.

  2. Beautiful fabric! Can't wait to read about and see more of your projects, April.