Friday, January 4, 2013

Ringing in the new year in relaxation

While wasting time on Pinterest one day I came across this tutorial on making kids floor pillows and fell in love. I knew that N would love to climb and topple and carry it around. Once I finally focused enough to sit down and follow the instructions it came together very quickly (only two naps!). As the tutorial instructs the contrasting thread is really helpful for sewing with the pipping.
This was my first project with pipping and not only is it super easy to work with but also helps give it a really nice finished look. I did do a couple of things different. I sewed the side strip into a tube first rather than pinning and then trying to sew it up (it would make sense if you read the directions). Also when you pin the top and bottom to the side I started with pinning four in the top, bottom, side, side so that it would be even.

  N seems to be pretty happy with it and luckily she hasn't taken any headers off of it, yet.

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