Thursday, May 17, 2012

Decisions, decisions

After making my nephew's quilt, I am realizing how important the back of the quilt is too. The back of his came together so nicely but I don't have any extra fat quarters to make extra windows for N's quilt. Originally I bought this Denyse Schmidt pink and red dotted material for the main panel in the back.
And it has sat, right next to the finished quilt top along with the Kona Stone Gray (that matches the window frames) and Kona Butter for the binding. Every time I have walked past it I have wanted to like it, to think that it is the perfect fit; but it isn't. A few days ago I was in Joann's and they were having a fantastic sale on their regular quilting cottons. Along with a number of other prints that went into my cart I also spied a tangerine dot print. I wasn't even thinking of N's quilt when I put it in the cart I just knew that I liked it. Once I got home it ended up next to the quilt at some point and I realized how perfectly it matched some of the other oranges in the quilt top. It also seems to go with the Kona Butter a little better too. So now that I feel like I have a better backing material it seems like it's time to plow forward. No more excuses, there's only a few weeks left until N's birthday.

Although it seems early for canning season to already be starting; it in fact has, at least in our kitchen as of this morning. For yet another birthday I am attempting to start a tradition. My brother-in-law loves strawberry-rhubarb pie (who doesn't really?). The main problem is that his birthday is in December, making both strawberries and rhubarb very much out of season. So I have set out to make pie filling that he can have in December, or really whenever the mood strikes him. I found this recipe for a canned pie filling and as soon as I saw rhubarb at our farmers market this past weekend I knew it was time. Since one of the jars didn't actually seal I'm going to make a pie and test run to see how it turned out. I think that next time I will probably use less water than she calls for since it seemed a little soupy as I was jarring it up for processing. There is something so satisfying thought about full jars of sealed food lined up on the kitchen counter.

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