Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Best laid plans

I had big plans on showing off a beautiful new shirt that I had sewn myself for my birthday today. But a feverish baby laughed at those plans and I had to admit that sometimes sewing just doesn't rank as high as sleep. I have made some progress on it, and probably would be further along if it weren't for some set backs. 

Issue #1 - having to take in the side seams big time. The seam on the top is the seam as written in the pattern, the seam on the bottom is ultimatitly where it ended up. That's shaving off well over 1'' on each side. 

Issue #2 - butterfly sleeves. I keep telling myself that they are going to be great once they are done and that I will have really loved that I went to all that trouble to make whispery fluttery sleeves. Right now, I am cursing the seam ripper that I have become very close with as I have sewn three sleeves and ripped out three sleeves.

Ideally soon the sleeves will be attached and I will have figured out some alteration to make it longer, oh yeah, #3, it's too short and I have not hemmed it yet. 

On to happier things. It is my birthday today and I got some lovely things. 

These oh so cute stamps, along with two other sets, from C. I can't wait to decorate something with them. 

Along with these sets of cute stationary. Why yes, that is Amy Butler and Denise Schmidt stationary. Not only do they make cute fabric they also make cute paper.
There was also a wonderful meal and other lovely gifts but it's getting late and my picture taking skills are dwindling (clearly from the blurry picture of the stationary).
Ideally next time pictures will be of a completed shirt.

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  1. Those stamps are super cute. And I can hear you (ahem, mom) cursing as you are hunched over your sewing with seam ripper in hand... :)